Monday, 6 May 2013

Local Art Event

This weekend there's been an Art Festival in Leyburn, the small town just down the road from our village. It was designed to coexist with the rather more urbane Food and Drink Festival for which Leyburn has, over the years, become famous. Our friend Denise had a stall there - she also has one online, here (and a facebook page here), so I won't reinvent the wheel by posting grotty flash photos of the stall she had in the marquee (I didn't take any). They wouldn't do it justice.

Of course, I'm biased, as she once painted me alongside my two colleagues when I played in Trio Gitan. I've posted this before. As I probably said then, the hedgehog crept in because my partner, Karen, is famous for  feeding waif and stray hedgehogs:

The blurb for the exhibition talked about a current craze for "pop up" galleries - putting art in spaces such as empty shops and derelict buildings etc. It struck me that the first attempt to do this during the Leyburn Food and Drink Festival was made by my friend Howard and me, eight years ago - an exhibition appropriately titled All the Animals I've ever Eaten. We set it up in an empty shop in the market square. We didn't manage to attract coachloads of punters though - just a trickle of interested folk, just enough to make it worthwhile, looking back. I've just realised that there's a page about it still online, on an old website - where you can still download the wherewithal to build your own centaurpede.