Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Manchester Musician's Collective

I've been meaning to post these for a long time. Manchester Musician's Collective began life in 1977 and I was a member for a while in its early days. As the leaflet explains (click on it to enlarge), we used to meet every other week in the Northwest Arts Centre basement. At first the meetings were musical events: people brought music they'd written to be played and people improvised together. As the collective took off, the meetings -I think- became more of an opportunity to plan and organise the regular gigs at Manchester's "Band on the Wall" club. Looming final exams concentrated my mind wonderfully and I drifted away.

The collective attracted a diverse range of musicians. I was a music student at the time. I was very much into 20th century music and trying to compose. An electronic piece I made, Onami, had one of its two performances at this gig. (I think I kept it for sentimental reasons - if so, it'll be in the attic somewhere, a crumpled tape on an old reel-to-reel spool). I also took part in "The Tent Poles" (finally billed as "Pride" as it came on before The Fall) - a structured improvisation, as I remember, devised by John Bisset (see the final Youtube video, below). These early gigs were pretty eclectic. Prominent among the members at the time were the percussionist  Dick Witts, experimental composer Trevor Wishart and the band, The Fall.

I tried searching Youtube for the bands and people involved in the gigs listed on the 1977 handout. Below is a selection from what I found:

Formerly "The Elite":

John Bisset ("The Tent Poles"/"Pride"):


Tom Stephenson said...

Whatever happened to Bob and His Dick? I often wonder the same about 'Les Miserable and the Snivelling Shits'.

Jenny Woolf said...

Some cool stuff there. I like the first clip particularly.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Seriously cool. Here's to the memory of uninhibited and underground music. With luck it may surface again.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Those were the days eh Dom?

Rachel Fox said...

Interesting collection... can't say I like any of it (I was neither punk or post punk... never learned to love the Fall despite a few tries...) but that doesn't mean I don't like other people to get their kicks that way.

Dominic Rivron said...

THanks for these comments, everyone.

TS: I think they're still together.

JW: The Manchester Mekon were good, weren't they?

GOML: With luck. One can but hope and try.

WG: They certainly were. Not that I feel that different now. I share Get Off My Lawn's hope.

RF: And yet you share my passion for JCC. We're all wierd. :)

Gwil W said...

'Bob and his Dick' top of the bill and Dominic Rivron supporting. Sounds to me like another if you can remember it you weren't there scene . . .