Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Of Pluto and Submarines

Busy weeks can seem rather blurred when one looks back on them. Last week, for me, was a case in point. However, somewhere in among all the music teaching, kettle-boiling, shirt buttonning, teeth cleaning and car driving I managed to watch a couple of films: most recently, there was Breakfast on Pluto, an adaption of Patrick McCabe's novel of the same name. In it, for those who don't know, transgender hero Patrick "Kitten" Braden manages to stumble through the cultural and political minefield of "the troubles" in Ireland without -mainly thanks to his disarming persona- getting killed. I'd not seen it before. Having seen it and enjoyed it, I might read the novel.

Then there was Das Boot. I'd seen it before, a long time ago. I'd forgotten how spellbinding it is: a film that manages to draw one into the drama of war while at the same time leaving you in no doubt as to the tragic futility of it all. There are great performances all round: not least from the people behind the cameras, the composer of the filmscore and the orchestra who play it.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Love that last picture of bears dancing. I sometimes think - re your busy week - that the busier one is the more one gets done in one's free time.

Alan Burnett said...

I have not come across the first film you mention, but Das Boot has always been a favourite of mine - both the book and the film.

A Cuban In London said...

First of all, thanks for those two recommendations. I was unaware of the first film you mentioned. And I've added it on to my LoveFilm list. I'm very ignorant about the Northern Irish conflict and I'm not afraid to admit my ignorance. I've slowly worked my way into the whys and wherefores and the history of it. I'd already heard of the second film, Das Boot, but never seen it. Already added onto my list, too.

I agree with The Weaver above, those bears dancing are priceless! And I love Sun Ra! Many thanks. For me, however, it's a The Clash Sunday Morning at home.

Thanks for your recent comment on my literature post. I fully understand where you're coming from as I almost gave up on Saturday, too. Especially because it cost about 50p or a pound, I can't remember. So, I wouldn't have felt too bad about it. But, I must admit that it's a very good novel. It was my introduction to McEwan, having seen the film adaption of Atonement a couple of years ago. His writing style is slow-burning. There was a short story in The New Yorker the other day and, funny enough, I began to read it but couldn't finish it. Just a few thousand words, but I felt the same way you felt about Saturday. Everything just looked too tidy.

Thanks for your feedback. It's always appreciated.

Greetings from London.

tony said...

I,ve seen neither.I will add to the list I carry about with me (I,m currently working my way through all those Paddy Constantine movies I have yet to see)

Jenny Woolf said...

Hadn't heard of Breakfast on Pluto - it looks like fun and I will look out for it myself now.