Sunday, 29 April 2012

Blogospherical Encounter

I've visited the Pennine town of Hebden Bridge many times over the years. I found myself there again yesterday, kicking myself as usual for not contacting blogger Tony Zimnoch to see if he fancied meeting up (Tony also writes a Hebden Bridge blog). I decided enough was enough. Somehow or other, I'd find him. For a moment I felt a bit like Sherlock Holmes. Surely, it would be easy enough to do if I applied a bit of ingenuity. It actually didn't take that much. It just so happened that at that moment I found myself outside Hebden Bridge library. Of course, they'd have a local telephone directory. I went in, asked for it and flipped through it straight to the last page. There he was.

I found his house easily. He was in and we spent a very pleasant three-quarters of an hour chatting. We both had to get on after that: he had a curry to make and I had a dog to collect. We resolved to meet again for pint, if possible with the other local blogger known to us both, Alan Burnett, or to drop in should we be passing each other.

 Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera but Tony did, so he snapped me and posted the results on his blog. I was slow on the uptake - my ingenuity, such as it is, obviously hasn't caught up with the digital age. I could have borrowed his camera and asked him to email any pictures I took to me! Oh well.


This morning, I got up with a crazy urge to jump in the car, drive off and climb a mountain. Any mountain would do - probably in the Lake District, somewhere around Ullswater. However, according to the Met Office the weather had other ideas: a double dose of rain and gale-force wind before lunch and the same again after was not appealing. So here I am, sat at the laptop in front of the electric fire, writing a blogpost with half an eye on The Belles of St Trinians.


tony said...

A Nice Meeting Dominic! Yes, we must have that Pint soon!

George said...

It's always interesting to hear stories about meeting a fellow blogger in person. After the great experience I had with you and Robert on the Hadrian's Wall path, I'm looking forward to meeting more of my blogging friends. I think it's more likely that I'll meet a serial killer in my day to day offline life than in the blogosphere. And, yes, go climb that mountain as soon as the weather clears. Just moments ago I returned from a seven-mile walk near my home. It's always invigorating.

The Solitary Walker said...

Did you not notice that machete in my rucksack, George?

Dominic Rivron said...

Thanks for these comments. I think the difference between the real and the virtual world is at best overstated and it's great when one flows into the other.

I now have a mental image of the Solitary Walker as the Mick Dundee of the East Midlands, which is neither derogatory nor wholly inappropriate, come to think of it. :)

GOAT said...

Good luck with the mountains and the weather. With luck and good timing, who knows what other blogger-blogger meetings might be possible in the UK Spring or Summer of 2013?