Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! This is a photograph of our Christmas tree. When, in the 1840s,  following the example set by the Royal Family, people in England started to set up their own Christmas trees there is some evidence that they were not quite sure what to do with them...

If you missed the first installment, which provided some background information regarding Margery Clute's poetry, you can read it here.

Christmas, 1842

Build up the fire! ‘Tis cold without -
The coldest I’ve known without a doubt!
But Christmas time demands that we
Cheerful, bright and merry be.
E’en pagans chose this frosty time
To celebrate, despite the clime,
And, whate’er the hardships of the season
There can be no better reason
To pour ourselves a cup of tea
And contemplate the Christmas Tree.

O holy night! O holy night!
Come forth, perform the sacred rite!
Let us celebrate with glee
And dance around the Christmas Tree!

Without, the Christmas bells are ringing
And the carol singers singing;
In the church the busy vicar
Blesses his flock by candle-flicker,
While through the woods men gaily go,
Gathering the mistletoe
To deck their halls and rafters bare
That they might then make merry there,
Sat beneath the wild berry
Eating mince pies and watching telly drinking sherry.

O holy night! O holy night!
Come forth, perform the sacred rite!
Let us celebrate with glee
And dance around the Christmas Tree!

Margery Clute (1824-76)


Gwil W said...

Just brought a green twig indoors. It's almost a tree. Bit scraggly but will have to do ;)

I'm admiring yours!

The Solitary Walker said...

Merry Christmas to you and Marge
Hope all your Christmas prezzies are large

Gerry Snape said...

you know ..I wonder if Margery knew Betjeman? as she's getting close to his rhythm...and I do like a bit of rhythm!!!....happy christmas.

George said...

Merry, Merry Christmas, to you and your family, Dominic! One of the highlights of my year was spending time with you and Robert on the Hadrian's Wall walk. That alone will have me dancing around the Christmas tree, and I trust that you will find good reason for a jig or two yourself.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Robert had provvided an interesting rhyme! Lovely tree and big enough to dance round, which is more than can be said for ours. Merry Christmas though.

Argent said...

That's am impressive tree and a jolly poem. Merry Christmas!

Rachel Fox said...

I can see Margery - sozzled and sleepy at Xmas...

Titus said...

Merry Christmas Dominic! Beautifully festive post all round. I'm off for a dance round the tree.

John Hayes said...

Viucar/Flicker--one awaits that moment in a Clute poem! & how post-modern of her to have included her own revision. Merry Christmas!

Dominic Rivron said...

Thanks for these comments everybody!

tony said...

Have A treemendous Christmas Sir!

Gwil W said...

Dominic, I can't quite make out what it is on the top of your tree.

Golden West said...

What a grand tree - best wishes to you and your at Christmas and throughout the new year!

Rachel Fenton said...

Dance around the tree, indeed! Who needs music when you can dance to the Clute.

Merry Christmas, Dominic :)

Dominic Rivron said...

Thanks for these comments!

As for what stands on the top of this tree, it's a very old angel. Every year we have the problem of how to get the angel's head to stay on as, left to its own devices, it just falls off.

GOAT said...

Oh crap, I've been doing it all wrong for years! Have a rewarding holiday season, Dominic, looking forward to reading more of your Words in the coming year.