Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Poetry of Margery Clute (5)

If you missed the first installment, which provided some important background information regarding Margery Clute's poetry, you can read it here.

Night Thoughts

The stars shine down upon the dingy streets -
Diamond studs upon a sable dome;
Frost glistens on the cobble stones
And makes me feel sad to be at home.

To think I sleep beneath so grand a sight,
Blind as a stone, oblivious to it all!
Or lie awake, considering our earthly plight,
Staring blankly at the mind's dark wall,

Thinking sad thoughts, such as a horse might think
Hauling it's load along the dingy bank
From Liverpool to Leeds, when I might dance
Alone, uncorsetted, beneath the Moon!

Margery Clute (1824-76)


Jinksy said...

Uncorsetted is good...I pity the poor females who had to wear the things!

Gerry Snape said...

Sad horsey thoughts? I must enquire about these!

Titus said...

Really enjoyed that Dominic - such apparent simplicity, such a glorious ending.

The Solitary Walker said...

Mmm. That 'uncorsetted' is good, I agree. And vaguely erotic. Well, almost.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I am beginning to think that this Margery creature had a lot of words written on paper and cut out and that to write her 'poetry' she just put them in no particular order on the page.

Can't believe that The Solitary Walker finds Margery 'almost erotic' - there is something sad about that.

The Solitary Walker said...

Horses for courses, Pat. As our Marge might have said. I dreamed about her last night. Now, that really is sad.

Dominic Rivron said...

Jinksy: What? You mean you don't? :)

GS: I haven't a clue what Clute was thinking about there.

SW: Indeed. Almost proto-Lawrentian.

WG: Like William Burroughs and the Beats? The more I think about it, the more influential Clute has been.

SW: Proto-Du Maurian!

George said...

Margery dancing uncorsetted beneath the moon, SW dreaming of Margery, Pat worried about SW's images of Margery — I don't think I will wade into this one, but the comments are as interesting, and perhaps more entertaining, than the poem itself.

Rachel Fenton said...

Blumming 'eck - wasn't expecting uncorseted! Bit of a dark horse hersen, t'old Marge!

Dominic Rivron said...

Thanks for these comments:

George: feel free to wade in. The more the merrier.

Rachel: Dark horse indeed. I'm sure we don't know the half of it.

In "My Fevered Brain" she described herself as "Unhinged by Moorland Stream", and propelled "forth/Like a Demented Sunbeam/Unto a Second Birth". How much of this was an imagined inner life and how much a real, eccentric performance is hard to tell. What did her contemporaries make of her?

swiss said...

i'm rather enjoying this clute woman. i too like uncorsetted.