Friday, 1 April 2011

Nightmare Alley (3)

The last episode, I think. I dreamt it the night before last. I remember nothing from last night. The dreams have got less and less lurid: were it not for the previous dreams (see the previous two posts) I don't think I would have taken much notice of this one. What began with a bang has faded to a whimper. (In case anyone is worried for me, I should point out that the idea of going to a hospital is purely a dream-creation) :

I was sat on the top deck of an old London bus with a friend. I said I'd get off as I thought we were close to the hospital. I ran down the stairs and jumped off the rear platform as the bus slowed down.
When I got to the hospital I found it was largely deserted. I was going there to see a psychiatrist but it was the wrong day for the clinic I needed to attend. I walked round the corridors lined with empty chairs thinking I should try to get it together and come on the right day, with all the paperwork the doctor had given me.
I left the hospital and walked home. At home, the landing window had become a kiosk. I was stood there talking to a man who said he could only sort out my benefits if I had the right paperwork. 
I found myself looking out of a window. It began to snow, then hail. There was thunder and lightening. The hail turned to heavy rain.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Have you been eating blue stilton at bedtime?

Friko said...

At least you are not being chased by evil-doers; paperwork is less frightening.

I wish you untroubled sleep soon.

John Hayes said...

An amazing series of dreams/nightmares. You don't even need to convert these to poems--they came ready made.