Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2010: The Truth!

So to the answers... (If you don't know what the answers are to, see the previous post).

The two joint winners were Poet in Residence, Gwilym Williams and Emily Rivron. Both, however, only managed to score two out of three!

The true stories were:

...A woman tunneled out of prison using a dessert spoon.

A 35-year-old Dutch woman serving 12 years for the attempted murder of her sister-in-law successfully dug a 30ft escape tunnel in the cellar of the prison kitchen using a dessert spoon. Oddly, she didn't have that much time left to serve. However, as far as I know, she's still on the run.

...a New York chef has been serving cheese made from human breast milk.

Chef Daniel Angerer has been making cheese out of his wife's excess breast milk. You can find the recipe on his blog.

...Postmen in Leeds were terrorised by Tiger, an elderly cat.

You can read all about it here.

The rest, I'm afraid to say, I made up. There really is a rhubarb triangle in Yorkshire though, though, as far as I know, unlike its Bermuda namesake, it's not famous for mysterious events or disappearances. An 11-year-old did gain entry to Harvard - early in the previous century. As for the universe as a particle, this was, more or less, suggested by Julian of Norwich some time ago rather than a physicist at CERN.


AquaMarina said...

very entertaining Dominic - thank you!

Titus said...

Sorry I missed the competition, but I wouldn't have won anyway.
I wish the Rocket Man one was true!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Well, I managed to get one - I did think the cat story sounded true - they make fierce cats up here.

Argent said...

Haha, what fun! I'm annoyed with myself for missing this quiz.

kimber said...

I'm sad to have missed this competition! I love these sorts of things! And it's very timely, to ... I'm currently collecting truths & lies for a new, 2011 project -- come see at http://1truth1lie.blogspot.com.

Happy 2011!

Rachel Fenton said...

Oh bum - I never win anything! Would help if I entered the comps though! Sorry I missed this one.

I think I like the spoon escape best - after that effort, you'd want to use your tunnel, I think, regardless of how little time you had left to do.

Happy New Year, Dominic.

A Cuban In London said...

I've always believed that our universe is but a small, minute and insignificant particle in space. It's the only way to deal with human vanity. :-)

Very amusing the three answers.

Greetings from London.