Saturday, 11 December 2010

Of Swallows, Amazons and Chelsea Buns

Just watched a wonderful documentary on telly. Anyone who knows me of old will probably say "yeah, yeah, just 'cause it's about Arthur Ransome" but, subject matter aside, it was fantastic: Swallows and Amazons: Bristol Old Vic Sets Sail.

If you click on the link, you can watch it - if you've got 47 minutes to spare. What is so impressive about it is the sheer virtuosity of the performers, who have to be actors, mime artists, musicians and dancers by turn. They are forced to change from one to another kaleidoscopically, creating the impression of a wild adventure on an island on a lake, on a stage in a theatre. Not only does it incorporate music, it is almost like a piece of music. If nothing else, it's worth sitting through just to watch Captain Flint walk the plank. And that's just the performers: the contributions of the behind-the-scenes workers are no less virtuosic.

Almost all the snow's melted, leaving the garden and the lane looking dark, wet and grubby. Shame I never got to make a snowman. At least the oil tanker could make it down the lane today. It couldn't get down for the snow and ice on Thursday and I thought for a while that we were going to run out. If we did, we'd be left with no central heating. (Come to think of it, most people in the world don't have central heating -or air conditioning in hot weather- so we would have found ourselves in a pretty big club if we had). Stayed in all day, apart from a brief foray to the shop for a Guardian, a Chelsea bun and a scone (it's all happening! Whoever said life is dull in the country?). Fixed the old PC upstairs -it really didn't like it's wifi connection to the hub at the other side of the house. It now works. I think... Then there was a whole string of silly admin jobs to do. I hate the thought of but actually quite enjoy silly admin jobs, so that wasn't so bad. And after a few minutes procrastination with the paper, a cup of coffee and the Chelsea bun I was ready for anything. 

I wrote some posts about Swallows and Amazons a long time ago. If you've not read any of them but would like to, check out  To the Summit of Kanchenjunga.


Niamh B said...

didn't you build an igloo last year anyway?!
No snowman indeed.
I'd love a Chelsea bun now
(and I don't even know what it is)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Am just off to check the link. Glad the oil tanker got through - so did ours - quite a relief really although, as you say, most of the world doesn;t have such luxury.
CHELSEA BUNS eh? As I have just eaten an enormous Christmas dinner up the dale, I couldn't eat a crumb let alone a bun!