Friday, 31 December 2010

2010: The Unbelievable Truth

Can you find the THREE true stories?

In 2010...

...The Scottish Parliament voted to reintroduce dog licences.

...A woman tunnelled out of prison using a dessert spoon.

...A Yorkshire rhubarb farm generated enough electricity from it's crop to power a small housing estate.

...A real life Rocket Man from Warrington sent his daughter's pet hamster into space.

...a New York chef has been serving cheese made from human breast milk.

...A Dutch scientist working at the Large Hadron Collider suggested that instead of looking for smaller and smaller particles, scientists should consider whether or not the universe was not one big particle.

...Postmen in Leeds were terrorised by Tiger, an elderly cat.

...A 10-year-old boy from Warrington became the youngest person to be given a place at Harvard.

 And then, if you enjoy this kind of thing, you can check out Solitary Walker's "Getting To Know You" Quiz...


the watercats said...

excellent trivia :-) and it's about time particle physicians started using a bit of common sense! happy new year to you's!

Niamh B said...

my vote goes to dog licences, rhubarb and the physicist

Have a good one

The Weaver of Grass said...

My votes go to Scottish parliament, Tiger the cat and the boy from Warrington. Good quiz. Probably all wrong in my guesses.

Gwilym Williams said...

for me it has to be
the cat that chased the postman
the pet hamster in space, and
the woman who escaped with a spoon

Happy New Year!

tony said...

I Believe All will come true in 2011!
Have A Great New Year

The Solitary Walker said...

Are the true ones dog licences, rhubarb and Hadron Collider? No idea really. They all sound quite plausible.

Happy New Year to you, Doninic! (And ta for the link..)

Ian said...


Emily Rivron said...

I'm not sure why, but I'll go for New York breast milk, Tiger the cat, Warrington boy goes to Harvard.

patteran said...

I would like to believe that they're all true! Happy New Year, Dominic. I hope to catch you on 40 or 80 once the gear's bought and installed.

Toyin O. said...

Thanks for sharing, happy new year!

annell said...

I stumbled in and found a rather magical place. Thanks