Saturday, 20 November 2010

Paul Edis

Last night, we went to the Opus 4 jazz club in Darlington -an oasis of cultural excellence if ever I saw one- to see the Paul Edis Sextet. This is an expanded version of The Paul Edis Trio which plays all over the North of England. If you live there, and get a chance, go and see them. They're fantastic.

Their set included a startlingly Monk-like tribute to Thelonious Monk and an arrangement of Bud Powell's Un Poco Loco. The latter was one of the first bits of jazz I ever seriously encountered. Years ago, a friend gave me a pile of mostly unmarked "car tapes". The music on them blew me away, and I only gradually discovered, years later, who the artists on them were. One was Thelonious Monk and one was Bud Powell playing Un Poco Loco, among other things:

Before that, I have to admit, the only jazz I'd really encountered was Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen on The Morcambe and Wise Show. (Although they're not my cup of tea, they are, unbelievably, still at it!). Oscar Peterson was on TV a lot then, too, but I was a young, serious prig in those days, and the glitz and showmanship put me off. (OK, I'll say it before anyone else does: I suppose, now, I'm an old serious prig). I knew, vaguely, that all kinds of interesting music existed between the worlds of Kenny B and free improv, but had never taken the time to find out about it. Where I studied music they never showed you how to do this with a piano, a cig and a hankie. Thelonious Monk:


George said...

Loved this post and all that jazz, Dominic!

Poet in Residence said...

Good to learn that Darlington has its "oasis of culture". All is not lost, Dominic. Not yet, anyway :)
- I could've stood a bit more of that first video - when the sax came in I was just getting into the swing!

e said...

Fabulous music, Dominic...I've known a few old prigs, and you don't qualify!

Argent said...

Really enjoyed these. Thanks!

Titus said...

Thank you Dominic, it's not my thing but you have to salute such genius.

And I used to know Kenny Ball's daughter, and he lives in Gidea Park. In a Spanish-style large house. Possibly doesn't any more: that was 30-odd years ago.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff, Dominic. Thanks for these. Minimum fuss, maximum impact. But I bet the tenor player was pissed off: one brief shot of him clicking his fingers in Fast Show jazz club style and then cut off four bars into his solo!

Good to see and hear the godlike TM playing his signature tune. How exciting it must have been when bebop burst upon the scene. All those just-post-war iconoclasts desperate for something to break the mould and usher in the new era and then Parker, Gillespie, Monk breaking all the rules. I recorded and have been watching the three BBC4 Johnny Dankworth programmes. A fascinating glimpse into that least fashionable of times in Britain, the late '40s, early '50s, and our own beboppers Dankworth, Ronnie Scott, Pete King, Tubby Hayes and co outraging the New Orleans jazz purists and the big band swing conservatives equally!