Tuesday, 31 August 2010

So that was August

Oh well, tomorrow will be September - and, for us, the first day of term. No teaching happens until next week - but there's plenty to do organising timetables, fitting in new pupils and sorting out resources. I dread it when it's weeks away, but as it approaches I remember that last September wasn't that bad and well, I actually quite enjoy it. It does mean I won't be blogging quite so much.

I set myself the aim of blogging every day in August. I didn't quite manage it. This will be my 25th post in 31 days: a record for me. One reason for doing it was that when routines are removed -as they are for me for most of the Summer- it's easy for time to pass in a blur, and when you look back it's hard to remember what happened. Your first reaction is that it was time wasted, when in fact it wasn't. Some sort of diary -in the form of a blog- would prevent that this year, I decided.

Today Andy and I went for a swim in the Swale again  - the first time for a while. It seemed as if we were only in the water for a few minutes - although when we got out we checked the time and realised we'd been in it for an hour. This time we ventured further upstream to a long-ish stretch, just deep enough to swim in. Insects were milling around just above the surface. The water was calm, slightly undulating, and having it there, at eye-level, had a deeply calming effect on the mind. The current wasn't that strong today and, swimming up the river in a leisurely fashion we were in some sort of heaven. The kingfisher was out conducting low-flying exercises upstream and down. A fish somewhere up ahead of us kept leaping out of the water: once, just long enough for an image of the fish to register on my mind, I saw it there, in mid-air, just like the pictures you see of jumping whales. Roly the dog either ran along the shoreline or jumped in to swim, racing us from bank to bank. It felt great. It was as if all the living things around us were, like us, making the most of the last day of August: there won't be many more afternoons like this before the autumn kicks in.


Rachel Fox said...

How lovely!

e said...

I wish you a good beginning of term. August is my favourite month of summer.

Totalfeckineejit said...


The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely gentle post Dom - glad you enjoyed the last day of August. It is a lovely day today too though.

Jessica Maybury said...

ah a fellow swimmer. I have a post up about swimming too, here (http://jmaybury.blogspot.com/2010/08/oh-i-do-love.html)

I wish you a good beginning of term and envy you your job. September is a month flooding with possibilities, and that little nip in the air.

John Hayes said...

September is here indeed--best luck for the beginning of the new school term. I've read your summer adventures with interest--the swimming stories are quite remarkable.

Jingle Poetry said...

best regards..
blessings fly your way.

Jingle Poetry said...


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