Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Of Photos, Flowers and Films

Yesterday we went out in search of wall-space. Karen has a pile of framed photographs (like the one on the left) which might sell if people could see them, so we visited a few gallery-cum-coffee shops to see what we could come up with. One was closed, one didn't seem to exist anymore and the third had a wall full of decent prints for sale already, most of which were there last year! I suspect the recession has knocked sales of such things on the head. Oh, well - it wasn't time wasted. At least we were doing something positive.

We dropped in at the Kershaw's Garden Centre on the way back, near Askrigg. It's one of our favourite places to buy plants. "Garden Centre" is perhaps a bit of a misnomer - it is, in fact, somebody's garden, only the somebody is a great gardener who rears a lot of stuff from seed and sells it in the drive. We had a long chat, as usual, (I once taught her son the cello) and bought a couple of plants.

Back at home, I composed for a bit. (It's one of my aims over the summer to write a short-ish piece of music that I feel was worth the effort). I've been writing a piece for quartet on and off for a few weeks now and I spent an hour working a number of scetches I've made into a movement. It's quite short, but at least it has a beginning, a middle and an end now. I hope to make four or five similar pieces and group them together as a divertimento (a light-weight collection of movements, not as serious as a suite or a sonata).

Later on we went round to see some friends, Alex and Denise. Stopped on the way to buy a bottle of white wine. We've got into the habit of watching a film together, ostensibly weekly. This week, we delved into the DVD pile and pulled out Paris, Texas. What a gripping film. It goes well with white wine and pizza, too. The photography is wonderful. And watching films with Natassja Kinski in them always makes me feel good as they remind me of Werner Herzog films.


Von said...

Now you'll just have to watch "The Cars That Ate Paris" and drink some McLaren Vale red and you'll be on the money!

swiss said...

i am most impressed with 'i composed for a bit'. it's just so... gentlemanly!

but i'm even more impressed with the bridge building

and we're eagerly awaiting the firts sound of the trio

Elisabeth said...

I saw Paris Texas several years ago. It is a fantastic film but oh so disturbing.

The film to me seems quite a contrast with what sounds like a wonderful and joyous day of domesticity, friendship shared and growth.

Thanks for the ride, Dominic.

Dave King said...

Like Swiss, "I composed for a bit" stuck out for me.

Dominic Rivron said...

Von: I've just googled this film. Looks like the sort of really bad movie one watches for the fun of watching a bad movies. Some McL? Perhaps quite a lot. :)

swiss: I suppose it is (gentlemanly) now you mention it. Sort of "after examining my collection of 15th palimpsests, I decide to compose for a while.." Almost Holmesian.

As for the bridge building, it felt very much like those times when you have to do a job on your own car because you can't afford to pay a garage.

Elisabeth: It is, isn't it?

Dave: Could have been worse. I could have been decomposing.

Titus said...

Feeling very old. Think I saw Paris, Texas whilst in first year of Uni.

I love "composed for a bit" too.

tony said...

ah, Natassja Kinski. {swoons in a manly way......}