Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Poetry Bus Passenger List

Lot's of contributions to check out below, but there's still plently of room, so feel free to hop aboard if you want (see previous post). And if you're already onboard and I've missed you off, many apologies: let me know in the comments below and I'll add you as soon as possible.

First in was Titus. Her poems really rock. Arriving on Wednesday (is this a record?), she had the bus stop to herself for a while - a case of Titus Alone perhaps. (Groan! Do people still read those books?)

TFE came in a close second: short lines about long lines.

Next in the queue came  Poetikat doing things with avocadoes. She also managed to pinpoint exactly where I used to live: Maresfield Gardens, Hampstead, London.

The Bug has achieved the impossible.

The personal is political. Check out Gwei Mui.

Ragged Old Blogger's putting her best foot forward.

Poet in Residence is hitting us with his swizzle stick!

Rachel Fox is up a tree.

Check out The Weaver of Grass' reflection on life.

Take a romantic trip to the seaside with Dave King.

And then there's Helen with a subtle liguistic difference between the US and the UK I'd never heard of before.

After which you can crawl under the table with Niamh...

...Or have a cup of tea with Argent.

Jinksy's running for the stop with a haiku.

The Stammering Poet has been examining the state of [obvious innuendo deleted: we like Peter's poems and would hate to offend him Ed.]. He'll also tell you what a jabalani is, if you don't know already.

Then there's Domestic Oubliette. To paraphrase Tony Hancock: "A haiku? That's almost an armful!"

Pure Fiction got to work on an egg.

More walking talking poems from Science Girl.

Enchanted Oak's found inspiration in her "muddy chai latte".

Chiccoreal is developing the banana theme. A banana is a banana is a banana as Gertrude Stein might have said (perhaps she did)...

And don't forget to check out Jean Iris' nutty haiku.

Keeping Secrets is, well, Keeping Secrets. What does it say?

Explore the poetry of pigtails at NotMaudeGonne.

Find your hash key with The King of the Camels.

Carrier bag conumdrums over at Suave Mind.

It's bottoms up over at Fridge Soup.

A cry for help from Rinkly Rimes.


Argent said...

Please, driver, ticket for one here.

jinksy said...

I think my ticket may be for the wrong journey - sorry! :)

Peter Goulding said...

Out of breath, hotfooting it from Soccer City!

Rachel Fox said...

Lovely varied bunch!

Jessica Maybury said...

People do indeed still read those books! Score one for the dork team! Yeuh!!!

Domestic Oub said...

On the bus!

chiccoreal said...

Please could you visit me? I've got a couple of treats for you! Hope you like them...maybe? Too late I ate the poem, but I will make another on another fruit of YOUR choice this time!

ps I wish I could get Mr. Linky to do the "here" do you do that; it wont linky me..Wahhhaaaaa! I guess I'll try a third time!ps do you have to pay for such service? Maybe that is it?

Doctor FTSE said...

Can anyone out there tell me how and by whom "The Driver" for this, or any week, is chosen?

Thank you.

The Weaver of Grass said...

The bus gets fuller by the week - is it a double decker?

Jeanne Iris said...

Hey Dom...I've had my cashew haiku up since Friday!
But that's okay, you just go ahead and forget alllll about me....hmmmm

Karen said...

Why is it that Monday's are the new Wednesdays? The passengers seem to get on earlier and earlier every week! On the other hand, my ticket this week is a sort of-sort of pseudo ticket. Let me on anyway?

Dominic Rivron said...

Thanks for all these comments and links. I think I've got them all up on the list now!

One or two specifics:

JM: Good. I'll have to get round to it myself one day. I do like his poetry.

chiccoreal: I might be wrong but I think that if I want to put a link in a comment I have to type in the html.

Doctor FTSE: Drivers volunteer.

WG: Yes. I always imagine it to be one of of Blakey's.

JI: Sorry, Jeanne.

Karen: People certainly seem to turn up to the bus stop with their sleeping bags these days. It is handy for the driver, as it gives he/she more time to get round all the entries.

Argent said...

Next week's prompt is up here.

Erratic Thoughts said...

Can I hop on this one?
*Panting* To catch the bus...
I know m very late..but still is there some hope for me...

Here is my link:

Argent..I'll be there soon...wont be late for this one :)

jinksy said...

This will take you to another latecomer who tried but failed to make the journey! It may give you a smile...