Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Sea

What with health and cat problems (see previous post), I didn't think I'd make it onto the Poetry Bus this week. However, I had to get up in the night to take some tablets and couldn't resist turning the computer on.

Karen took the photo on the left: there are more of her photos on her blog, Painted by the Sun. It seemed to go with the poem, somehow.


The Sea

I was lost
inside my head,
unable to find my way
to the sea.

It was all
a long time ago.
I could find
the bluest sky

I'd ever seen
and the sea anemone
in the rock pool
but that was all.

Perhaps it's because
it never stood still
long enough.

Links to more Poetry Bus poems will be posted at this week's host blog, Delusions of Adequacy.


Niamh B said...

v visual poem, you're right - the pic is perfect with it

Karen said...

That's the thing about memories, they come in senses or snatches, but the whole is lost. Beautiful photo and verse.

the watercats said...

man! You've had a wierd while. Catching up on your posts was a bit like having one of those dreams full of symbolism and trippy colours and horrific snippets... and melodic beautytudellings... it's been cool :-)
Hope you're feeling better, this goes for your cat too (there are some right bastards on the planet!)

Argent said...

Another compact gem. I really go for pomes like this and indeed, nicely complemented by the picture.

Peter Goulding said...

As someone frequently lost inside my head, I can relate to this.
As Niamh says, beautifully visual.

Titus said...

Strangely, Dominic, this doesn't take me to a visual place, but somewhere different and inside my head - so I suppose I'm saying it worked on a symbolic level for me. Rather lovely and sad, and I'll come and read it again. Striking, certainly.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes - the photo does go with the poem - very dreamy.

Domestic Oub said...

I agree with Weaver - very dream like quality. I liked it :)

The Bug said...

Ooh - I have a lost inside my head poem (from college) but it's not nearly as dreamy & succinct as this one. It's so hard to pin actual things down when we're lost...

John Hayes said...

It's beautiful--partakes of both dream & memory (as Karen mentioned).

alembic said...

Indeed, the picture goes so well with the poem, both so suggestive of an uneasy combination of stillness and motion.

I am sorry to hear about all your troubles and wish you a speedy recovery. And for your cat too.

swiss said...

nice. beatiful pic and this complements it perfectly.

hope you're feeling better. cam across this
this morning and thought you'd like it, assuming you've not already got it

Dominic Rivron said...

Niamh: It all started, I think, when I was driving to somewhere on the East Coast a while back and there was something about the way the light changes as you approach the sea that got me flashing back to when I was little. That first experience of going to the sea was very intense.

Karen: Yes and it's hard to be specific about the sea somehow, when it never stands still. The sea I saw last week was the same sea I saw 45 years ago. But then it does have different characters. I vividly remember going through The Skagerrak: the sun was shining on a calm-ish sea, and it was hard to see where the actual surface was. The water was a translucent blue and laced with bright, oscillating filaments. Very memorable.

watercats: I'm getting better, thank you, and so is the cat. He had his leg amputated on Monday and is now back with us, recovering - and doing well.

Argent: Thank you.

Peter Goulding: It's the best place to be lost, if you ask me.

Titus: I think I know what you mean. And are memories of images, images? (It's a bit like are thoughts words?)

WG: Do you remember the sea anemone? I'd not seen one before. One seaside holiday we went on (Devon/Cornwall?) we went to a seaside place where there were fantastic rockpools teeming with life.

Domestic Oub: Pleased you liked it.

The Bug: The icon, I take it, is the head you were lost in :)

John Hayes: It was all about memory - but I can see where the dreamlike quality comes from. Memory has a dreamlike quality.

alembic: "uneasy combination of stillness and motion". Thanks: I'd not thought of it like that. And thanks for the good wishes.

swiss: a lot better, thank you. Three cheers for antibiotics. And thanks for the link. I was never very comfortable with the authenticity brigade, thinking sometimes it's good to be authentic, sometimes it's good to make something of your own time out of music of the past.

Poetikat said...

I really like this. I didn't make it on the bus this week. Ancestors are pulling at me (as you saw on my blog).

It seems sleep deprivation and meds are a good combination for you; this poem really works well.


the wild magnolia said...

I enjoy your poetry. Short and True and I get it.

Great blog. Diverse. To the point.