Wednesday, 14 April 2010

North Wales

For the last ten days we've been in North Wales. We've just got back. I thought, before turning in, I'd have a quick look at some of the photos we took. The other day I took these -which are strung together to create a panorama- outside the chapel at Llandecwyn, in the hills above Talsarnau, near Harlech. On the left, in the distance, you can almost see to the end of the Llyn Peninsula. Just "round the corner" from the visible tip of the peninsula will be Aberdaron, where RS Thomas was vicar for eleven years. As for the hills, it's impossible to describe which is which without writing on the picture. Anyone who is interested will have to try comparing it to the map - unless they know them all already. Visible -among many others- are Moel y Gest (just across the road from the Portmadog Aldi store), Moel Hebog, Snowdon,Y Lliwedd, the Glyders and Cnicht. The obvious island is Ynys Gifftan.

Unfortunately, Tryfan -probably my favourite Welsh mountain- is not visible. We passed it on the way home today, though, and took this photo of climbers climbing on the part of the mountain known as The Milestone Buttress.

We had a great time. If I go into more detail I'll end up staying up most of the night, so I'll be sensible and stop at this point!


Elisabeth said...

What a view, what a journey, what a climb. Welcome home Dominic.

Titus said...

Ah Dominic. You've made my husband a very happy man.
from a climbing widow.

Poet in Residence said...

Good for my Hiraeth!

Niamh B said...

most impressed with the panorama skills, very neat... and a great view

Dominic Rivron said...

Elisabeth: Thank you.

Titus: And he's just down the road from The Cobbler. Lucky man. I used to climb (as in rock climb) a lot. I don't now. I still like climbing mountains but I just walk, scramble and run. It's funny how you lose the knack, too. I find my spatial awareness isn't half so good as when I climbed regularly. I sometimes have a go at a bit of rock, think "oo-er" and get down again!

PiR: Dybiais carech 'i. Dybiwn chan 'ch hiraeth pryd Chymerais 'r photo!

Niamh B: It is a great view. I'm sure it's possible to do classy panoramas where you can't see the joins, but I don't know how.

Poetikat said...

Always meant to get to Wales. (That was when I was young and fancy-free and travelled on my own.)
The ash-cloud is not upping my chances.

Fantastic photo and climb! Glad you're back on the bus.