Friday, 9 April 2010

News from Pluto

I can't get to our laptop this week, so this post has been quickly written up on a public library PC. Normal service will be resumed in a few days and then I'll be able to get round the blogs I usually read. Unfortunately, I'll probably miss the Poetry Bus this week, too. In the meantime...

Scifi Sonnet 3

News from Pluto

Something's about to happen. I'm not sure what.
I've watched for long enough and, yes, I get
Impatient, as the months slip by. And yet
This is important. In a way, I'm not.
Earth, erratic, crosses the ecliptic;
By day, the sun's scarce bigger than a star:
It makes you realise just how small we are.
Will I get home? I must be realistic.
Gravity's low. Perhaps my bones grow thin.
I jog the corridors, try to keep fit,
But face the fact (there's no escaping it)
I have become this waiting game I'm in.
One day, it'll happen, I've no doubt.
Exactly when, I don't know. I'll find out.


Alan Burnett said...

"I have become this waiting game I'm in" Excellent. The sad story of my life.

The Solitary Walker said...


The Solitary Walker said...

PS Like your new layout, btw...

Totalfeckineejit said...

Yes the new layout looks good.I liked the poem muchly.You may have discovered, no, created a new genre: 'Sciencepoetriction'.It also reminded me of Portmerrion and Lotus sevens,not sure why.

John Hayes said...

Very cool--sci fi poetry, & in very well-constructed sonnet form no less!

Dominic Rivron said...

Thanks for these comments, everyone.

AB: Surely not! :)

SW & TFE: Thanks for the vote of confidence in the new layout. It's been crying out for it for a bit. I used my own name for this blog not out of egomania but out of a complete lack of imagination on the point. Then I read a certain poem by Wallace Stevens and had a eureka moment.

TFE: Portmeirion? Something to do with the TV series The Prisoner perhaps? It always had a kind of inconclusive quality about it, as I remember. Lotus Sevens? Eh?

JH: Thank you!