Friday, 13 November 2009

Bloggers do it with Audacity

I never fail to be amazed that with free Audacity sound recorder software you can do what it took a machine you'd have to save up for to do twenty years ago. I thought I ought to try recording myself (as suggested by TFE and Poetikat: see previous post) singing Purcell's Fie, nay prithee John and overdubbing it.

I then thought I'd provide a "solo" version for anyone keen to sing along to. You can pick it up by ear or preferably follow the music - you can get it here and print it out. If you can record it (without me in the background: play me through half a set of headphones as you sing along) create a Soundcloud account(easy) and deposit it there, tell me where to get it and I'll try to create a mass bloggers ensemble, overlaying the tracks! Now there's a challenge. Don't go thinking you need a great voice (I haven't got one): it's more about going for it! The most important thing is to sing along with me as in synch as possible using the SingAlongaDom track, preferably singing the same notes.

If you try recording yourself I'd suggest printing out the page with the music on even if you can't read music. You'll be able to follow it to some extent and it'll make a difficult job easier. Also if you use Soundcloud make sure you "enable download" when you upload the file (it's obvious when you come to it). Also, don't delete your contribution from your own computer once you've uploaded it just in case I have download problems.

Fie, nay, prithee John by Henry Purcell

SingAlongaDom by Henry Purcell


The Weaver of Grass said...

Fantastic!! Have just played both versions - amazing!!!

Poetikat said...

Absolutely brilliant! We all enjoyed it here (myself and the four cats). Daisy particularly was taken with it as she jumped up on the table and lay down beside the laptop to get the full effect.
It would be cool if a bunch of us recorded our voices singing our own renditions and sent them to you and then you laid down all the tracks with the result being a blog chorus. Can it be done, I wonder?

Just loved it! You have such a nice voice, Dominic.

Dominic Rivron said...

WG: Pleased you like it.

Poetikat: A blog chorus - yes, that's the general idea. It would be great, and it can be done - follow the instructions in the post.

Titus said...

Aaargh. Too scared to hang around here, that soundcloud stuff terrifies me and now there's even more technology involved.
And I have a great voice!

Poetikat said...

Oopsy! I was so anxious to listen that I missed the gist of the post. I will see what I can do over the weekend.

Rachel Fox said...

Brings whole new meaning to the term one-man-band.

Dominic Rivron said...

Titus: If you can record an mp3 (I just used the mic in the laptop) and email it to me that would be fine (see my profile - click on My Web Page - it's on that).

Poetikat: Great!

Rachel: Thank you. Having a go?

Titus said...

mp3? What's an mp3?
Face facts Dominic, until I can drive round to your studio it's a no-no.

Alan Burnett said...

What an amazing post and what an amazing blog. A fantastic discovery. You have another follower.

Totalfeckineejit said...


Jane Moxey said...

How terrific! I couldn't help thinking it would be fun if you were able to do other old rounds such as "Great Tom is cast and Christchurch bells ring one, two, three,four five , six and Tom comes last." Heck Even Frere Jaques might be a laugh (and easier to sing!)

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Dominic, that's great! What a good idea. I'll have a go some time this week and will let you know.

swiss said...

i have to say i'm absolutely with titus re the technology. i have audacity and i can't record mp3's on it! lol

i fear there's a strong possibility i'm just a bit thick! which is a shame as i really fancy doing something like the soundslides on this

Dominic Rivron said...

Thanks for these comments everyone.

I wished after I'd done this that I'd started off with an easier one, but that's the way it goes when you do a blog post - you always think you could have done it differently!

I've created a page of instructions as to how to create an mp3 with Audacity. It's basic - but then my knowledge of using the software is pretty basic too!

Those soundslides look interesting - and not what I expected. I thought they'd simply be evocative sounds from places.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Ah, sorry Dominic, I won't have time to do the recording as I'm going away Sat. for a week. Could try when I get back as I love this project!