Friday, 17 April 2009

Meanwhile, back in the Lake District...

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Analogue photography here tends to lag behind digital blogging and so I've just got the photographs back from our recent trip to Skiddaw. I'll leave it to Lakes aficianados to pick out the mountain tops and other features in the panorama, taken from the summit ridge. The town in the foreground is Keswick. The second photo shows Daniel looking towards the back of Blencathra, its top dusted with snow which in real life life looked rather like icing sugar, shaken through a sieve. A passing walker kindly took the third, of us both standing on the summit. You get some idea of how bitterly cold it was from the ice on the left hand side of the trig point.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Pen Hill

Unfortunately, I've not been able to get near a computer for the last week. However, I've just found an internet cafe in Criccieth, so this is my first, brief chance to catch up. Odd, to be in Wales writing poems set in the Yorkshire Dales...

Pen Hill

Ignition's off - the music stops.
The man steps out of the machine, 
stretches the muscles in each leg
(every time the same routine)
then locks the car and then sets off
along the road edge, teeters through
the cattle-grid, then jumps the gate.
The grassy hillside's wet with dew.
Stereoscopic eyes research
each footfall, plan routes in and out
of tussocks, rocks and rabbit holes
(the stuff the fell-side's all about).
A GPS of sorts, built in,
(impervious to Allen keys,
part of the logoless machine),
locates the summit-path with ease.
Back at the car, the music on,
the hill's a landscape under glass.
Hands and feet engage controls:
the two machines, a single mass.