Monday, 2 March 2009

Sci-fi Sonnet 2

Three attempts to decode the repeating signal received from deep space by The Very Large Array, New Mexico, in 2032.


welcome to talk to us denizens of the world -
we travel so far in search of these zalatsi -
I congratulate you - fear and respect -
what we want to say - what we admire -
because there are so few so far to go
for the sweet softness that we rarely find
extant and few between - we denizens
of where - and when - can take these messages -

do not ask us how we coexist -
to live and die as soon as ever touch
so we than you live longer - we so calm
and trees - while all good things - and then to die
so cool and after meals, etc. -
this appears between the time - reply


welcome to the inhabitants of the earth -
we finders of these pieces through the date
of travel in fear that the respect and greeting
we say what we want and hold in great
awe the fact there is so little - this
rarely seen due to the soft sweetness
of the trees - so far we have few people
to take us to the second step - the message?

ask us how to live in May - to talk -
you are exposed to live to die so soon -
since you with us to lead a quiet life
and all good things - and then to die so full
so peaceful and to eat - and even then
between you and I the answer - take your time


welcome to speak to us denizens of the earth -
we who travel so far in search of such morsels
greet you in trepidation and respect -
what we say with high esteem we hold
for such there are so few so far to go
for such sweet softness as we rarely find
so far and few between - we denizens
of another bring all you these messages -

we ask how symbiosis is for you -
as you live so shortly die - so touching -
you with us live so long a life so calm
and so filled up with all good things - then die
so peacefully - we eat you then and so
think it between you take your time - reply


Get Off My Lawn! said...

Superb. It defies explication but is expressive and communicates nonetheless. I may be back for more.

R.K.SINGH said...

Poet-in-Residence asked me to visit your page and read these poems. You seem to be developing a new genre in poetry.It's interesting and readable.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Incredible - somehow you have managed to make these poems sound like alien-speak - not sure how.

Anonymous said...

I love the allusive, imperfectly translated atmosphere of these pieces, Dominic. Not just imprecisions of language, but an unsettling sense of profound cultural difference. A difficult medium, handled supremely well.

Dominic Rivron said...

GOML: Thanks. Pleased you like it.

RKS & WG: Thanks for saying so. I'm not sure how original this is. I was fascinated reading Finnegans Wake years ago how sentences could start in one place and end in another (I'm reminded of Escher's impossible pictures for some reason). Also, I remember reading some Iain M Banks, where he invented language for an alien species -the Oct- which was almost comprehensible. I started to wonder how he did it. The idea seemed to have potential for poetry - it gives the one writing it licence to interesting ways of putting words together. I'm sure "scifi poets" must have tried similar things.

patteran: Thanks. Good to hear the cultural element comes over.

Dave King said...

Who'd have believed it? I shall keep in touch!