Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The 365 Days Project

The 365 Days Project describes itself as a collection of “cool and strange and often obscure audio selections”. The brainchild of Otis Fodder, the Project is archived at WFMU, the freeform radio station based in Jersey City, and UBUWEB.

There are many fantastic (in both senses of the word) things to be found in the archives of the Project. There's a bin liner full of old audio cassettes produced by the Henry Dargers of the musical world (and, to digress for a moment, if you've not heard of Henry, he's well worth a google. He was a big influence on the Turner Prize-winning potter, Grayson Perry). There's outdated religious and political propaganda and music from long-forgotten commercials. There is much else besides: all kinds of curiosities which are still worth listening to and which would otherwise be consigned to musical oblivion.

It's fascinating: find a track which appeals to you and you can't help but trawl through the files looking for another. It's ruthless: listen to some tracks and you are left in no doubt as to just how ridiculous our preoccupations can seem to others when we're on the inside looking out. It's addictive: I was going to list my favourite tracks: I decided not to. It would spoil the adventure. It's often very funny. It's a celebration: of all the things people think other people want to listen to but probably don't. Or do they? Who could resist?

The 365 Days Project

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